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ladytech   in reply to Angelmom623
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Need help with gas so badly. I just lost my job. I already spent my last penny (literally) on gas. I've been looking for another job. Can someone please help? I'm desperate!
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Need assistance. 31 year old sole provider for family of 5 for the last 9 years. Unfortunately laid off unexpectedly, and have been unemployed for almost 4 months now. Did not want to/and did not, sign up for any social services. Finally landed my dream career but the commute is 50+ Mi. each way. I panhandled (first time ever) to make it to work today, and ended up being late and having to make up some BS story to my REALLY cool new boss. Today was my first day, And I feel like crap for lying and begging my way there. Plus I've learned I could be seriously repremanded (likely fired) for using my "Position"/"Title" to influence others, or accept favors/gratuities from others. I feel like plain out asking for money from strangers in a public venue while in uniform could very well be the definition of what I was told not to do today. It would be great to restore any shred of dignity by receiving a little assistance until I can get this first bi-weekly pay period under my belt. To whomever will read this my family and I greatly appreciate your consideration on this matter.

Best Regards
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I need help with gas. I just got laid off and lost my apartment. Need to find a job plz help
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Kashjack   in reply to SidneyHawkins
I need with gas can someone help me i have 4 kids that i need to get around to places
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My wife and I are unemployed right now we have 3 kids and are going to need to get them to the doctors and school. I'm on unemployment and having a hard time right now. Can someone please help.
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I need help with gas voucher we were homeless living in a motel we found a new home and just moved in my husband works and I just started a new job we only have one vehicle driving my husband to work my daughter to school me to work when I get off I pick my daughter and my husband his check from last WK we paid for rent and deposit and utilities and my daughter's school lunches ect I have 5 miles to we as and he doesn't get paid till next wk and I don't get my first check until the 19th
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I need your help for free gas,because me and my husband at this time dont have work and we have a little baby.And without gas we cant nowhere.
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Pooh1983   in reply to Cariny
I tried that free gas usa but it would not work. Can u help?
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How can we get help to get a gas voucher
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Hey how can we help with a gas voucher
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Hey new this thing juat trying to get some help my name is aammie...
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